Friday, July 18, 2008

A weird week, and I'm a slacker.

First, the slackiness. I may have expressed something of a... distaste... for push-ups. In fact, I dislike them so much that... I put off a new test until late last night (after a little lower body weight training). 25. And originally, I wasn't going to do it any more.
But I remembered a short chat my wife and I had at the beginning of the week, and she says that she saw a real difference once I started doing push-ups.

So, I guess I'm going forward with the pushups. Man, I don't like pushups. But my form has gotten a lot better, my legs aren't hitting the ground first any more, and I'm pretty darn happy about that.

Now for the weird. People have begun stopping me in the halls at work, and asking if I've been losing weight. Just... out of nowhere. Then they immediately want to know what I've been doing (eat less and exercise).

I've been eating oatmeal for lunch this week. And after getting comments from the people who sit around me in the work area (for some reason they find the smell of maple syrup distracting), I started eating it in the break room.

And every time I do (twice yesterday), people come walking through, and stop, and smell, and start going "Do you smell maple syrup? What is that?" It usually takes me a minute to get their attention (due to my reflexive ninja-like stealth), and point out that I happen to be eating Quaker Instant Oatmeal - (weight control) Maple and Brown Sugar. I think it's driving the people around me insane. And inciting a craving for waffles. Preliminary numbers for this week are looking good, and we'll see how it goes with the official weigh-in tomorrow. Here's hoping Doug and Matt are doing well also.

One last thought... (yes, this is long. Welcome to the reason I don't blog a lot any more). I now weigh less than Doug did when this little experiment started. If this were Mario Kart, I think I've caught up to "Ghost Doug". I don't think I'll catch "Actual Doug", but it's a very good feeling for me.


Doug said...

That's my partner in crime, what said that ! Way to go, Zach. I, too have been slacking on the pushups, but am getting back on the bandwagon this evening for week 3. Must be something in the air. Here's to all of you guys (and gals ?) who are striving for that healthier, leaner, meaner you.

NukeHavoc said...

Ghost Doug ... too damn funny. Way to go on your epic quest to lose weight -- hiccups aside, it sounds like you guys are making good progress! I'm working on getting back into the fight myself; I'd been down to about 195 lbs a year ago, but six months of steady slacking saw me go back up to 214, so clearly it's time to get back to work. :)

I'll be resuming some light fitness blogging over at Nuketown ( and I'm hoping to get back down under 200 by autumn. Given that that it's summer, when I tend to be more active anyway, that seems like a doable goal.

Good luck guys, and keep up the great work!