Sunday, December 28, 2008

GutCheckCast 36 - Shocking Revelations and You

This week, after the holiday party season...

Doug is up a little,
Zach is down a little.

One more week.

Thanks to Matt Edenfield ( for the links this week to:
Fad Diets and why they don't work...
Personal Trainers are a Good Thing...
Slow Down at the Table.(Mom was right - you should slow down, and not wolf your food! Chew! For the love of heaven, CHEW!)

Thanks for listening, have a great week, and a safe New Year's Eve.


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Sunday, December 21, 2008

GutCheckCast 35 - The Terrible Effects of the Low Fat Diet

Doug is back, and while up from last week, is down from the the last time he was on the podcast.
Zach is up slightly, thanks to Queso. Not my daughter - the free queso at the corporate party.

We discuss - The Best Diet for men trying to lose weight ISN'T the low fat diet, according to one study.
Exercise on work days makes you more productive / less stressed.
Yoga Prep.
Zach's weaning himself from the Black Can.


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Monday, December 15, 2008

GutCheckCast 34 - The Gut Stands Alone

Hi faithful listeners. Doug is out, and Zach had all kinds of family things going on last night, so this is regrettably late. And regrettably Doug-less.

Doug is down... WAY down, thanks to Doug's sickness
Zach is down a little.

Ririan Project talks about outdoor winter activities.

Dumb Little man talks about avoiding the calorie-riddled trap that is the Holiday Party.

Links are provided to us by Matt Edenfield, of

And that's it. Let's get out there this week, and set some good goals, and get moving!


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Sunday, December 7, 2008

GutCheckCast 33 - The CookieBomb Strikes!

Yes, it's the holidays.

Doug is up a little.
Zach is down a little.

This week, we discuss

Homemade shortbread / fudge / apples. For the well-rounded cookiebomb.
Also, (thanks, Matt!) we get tips on burning 60 minutes worth of calories in only 20 minutes. I didn't say it - did.
AND - ten things to do if you want to die young.


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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Holiday HitBack

This Week:
Doug Holds Steady
Zach Bounces. Hard.

And in this show, we ponder the future of the show - what will we do in January, when clock runs out on our goals for this year. We solicit your feedback and suggestions.

gutcheckcast *at*
or leave a comment at

Meanwhile, enjoy!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

GutCheckCast 31 - Time to Talk Turkey

This week on GutCheck -
Doug is down (woo-hoo)
Zach is up (a smidge - bad Zach, no cookie)

How many roads must a man walk down to work off his Thanksgiving dinner?  Check here.
Worried?  Worried about Calories?  Cut your stress AND your calories with these tips.
Wanna box your way to GutCheck Glory?  Ririan Project has the deets.
And if you want to be a Push Up Pro - Linens n' Things carries them... while they're still in business.
And last but not least - Freecycle.  (see how clever that is?)


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Sunday, November 16, 2008

GutCheckCast Episode 30 - The Pease Porridge of Macho Men

In this episode,
Doug is up a little,
Zach is down.

We discuss ways to feel healthy, and healthy ways to warm up for workouts.

Also, wrestling, cable news, presidential politics, fortune cookies, and channeling your inner DuffMan.

Enjoy! (30 episodes, can you believe it?)

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

GutCheckCast 29 - Follow the bouncing weight.

Yes, it's a new episode.  This week,

Zach is up.
Doug holds steady.

We talk about upping the game. And accountability. And Subway Artists, and the calibre of person who seeks that out as employment.

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

GutCheckCast 28 - This episode brought to you by numbers

and yoga.
We're both down.
Lots of talk of Yoga.
Also, three numbers related posts... from MATT!
Six rules of building strength... bwah, ha, haaa...
Seven important fitness tips for Web Workers... bwah, ha, haaa...
And Eight Ways to Increase your Energy.

BTW - Beauty sets are HARD. That's where your shaping/toning yoga is found. I'm just sayin'.

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Monday, October 27, 2008

GutCheckCast 27 - Mythical Bikes, and the Headaches they can produce..

Trust me, you probably don't want to know.

We're both up a bit.

Doug wants to park this bike between his unicorn and his pot of magic leprechaun gold.

NukeHavoc wanted to know about headaches.
We direct him here... and here...

Sudden onset headaches are a) very very very unpleasant, and b) a possible indication that something else is going on. If you experience one, you should visit a medical professional and ask about it.


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Sunday, October 19, 2008

GutCheckCast 26 - RR Redux

Doug is up a little bit. He just got a Red Robin.
Zach is down a little bit. He blames loss of lean muscle mass.

We discuss...
Exercise bikes!

Trust me, it all (sort of) makes sense.


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Sunday, October 12, 2008

GutCheckCast 25 - Doug and Drippy

Zach is down a little, Doug is down a LOT. (Whoo!)

Zach may have a future doing voice over work for movie trailers.

New pictures.


Apparently, it's four hours. Who knew?

Apr08 011
gutcheckcast kickoff picture
2008-Oct 002 - week 25

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pushing through week 4

Day 1 - Program asked for 63, and I managed 65.
Day 2 - They wanted 72, and I cranked out 74.

Keepin on, keepin on.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

GutCheckCast 24 - Exercise you really shouldn't do.

Zach is up a little, Doug is down (go, Doug!)
We discuss Transformers, Being annoying on Twitter, and spreading love and good will via brownie recipes.
Also, some discussion of machines at the gym you should avoid.

A quick shout out to Viv at Into The Blender and COH Podcast, and at Matt Edenfield.


Download GutCheck24.mp3

Pushing off - and UP !

Not to be derailed by work (or Brownies) I do my best to... well... do my best. Poison's gone and I am getting back on track this week. Resuming Hundred Pushups at week 3. Exceeding all expectations with grand totals of 51, 54, and 60. Nothing stellar, but its good to be grunting and getting back in the groove once again.

Friday, October 3, 2008


So, I got this e-mail from my beloved alma mater this week, and there was a part of it I immediately had to share with Mr. Rapson.

I mean, this is getting to be a real horse race, right?  So, I thought maybe Doug could use a little positive feedback.

In the form of a brownie recipe.

Possibly my favorite brownies of all time.

Yes, it's a cheap shot, but hey, the way I figure it, brownies make you happy. And I just want Doug to be happy. That's admirable, right?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

GutCheckCast 23 - Chin-ups, Injuries, and Dumbbells

... the weights, not the hosts.

Doug is up a little, Zach is down a bit.
We discuss exercise alternatives, and how hard it is to get in a good workout.
Zach directs people to 2 Men's Health posts this week.
The first on chin-ups, and a workout to get closer to THAT particular goal.
The second on Dumbbells (yes, the weights).
Doug sends us to an article that explains why you shouldn't exercise injured parts.

And that's it.  Get out there and move.
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Monday, September 22, 2008

GutCheckCast 22 - Pie and Mental Health...

Also... Asparagus.

Sorry this is late - Poor planning on my part.

Meanwhile, we discuss...
Doug is down almost a pound.
Zach is down also.

Exercise helps your mental health.

Matt, despite being under the weather, provides us with the following links...

Zen Habits had
an article on minimalist fitness. DIY and some seriously tough workouts. Matt in particular warns that the prisoner workouts (!?) are seriously tough.

Yahoo health featured
an article on 5 healthy foods we should all be eating. I like asparagus. And pomegranates. So there. Doug found Green Tea... "interesting".

Ririan Project has their top 10 list of weight loss tips. Because who doesn't love weight loss? And top 10 lists?

And that's it. We'll try to avoid eating entire pies this week (which should be easy... I'm still a little queasy - pics at the Flickr Group Site).

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

GutCheckCast 21 - The Double BackStep

Yeah, we're both up a bit. 

We talk this week about staying motivated, and our good buddy Matt (who this week is living a bizarre, twisted country song, as his car was broken into, his computer crashed, and he has a cold), sent us some great links for you. has an article on getting/staying motivated to exercise.  Things such as setting goals and rewards and keeping the exercise fun and flexible.  We've talked about goals and rewards, but sometimes we get into a rut on what we're actually doing.  Switching it up, and keeping it fun is good advice.

The Happiness Project has 9 tips for staying motivated.  Instead of focusing on physical benefits (which are many), this article talks about some of the psychological and emotional benefits from getting and staying active.  A great article, and well worth a look.

And Hassle Bot is great if you don't have someone willing to kick you into gear.  It sends out occasional e-mails reminding you of stuff on your "to-do" list. You know, like exercise.  And clean the garage.  And take out the garbage... and... Matt's single, right?  ;-)

Here's this week's episode - Enjoy!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

GutCheckCast 20 - Office Work(outs) and Belly Budgets

Hello, all, and welcome to another episode of the GutCheckCast.

This week -
Zach is yo-yoing, but we'll call it down (so I don't slack off)
and Doug's body seems to be perfectly happy where it is weight-wise.

Campbell's brings us some great ideas for being healthy with a white-collar office job...

Matt sends us to not one, but two (2) great Facebook apps
Zelky (allows you to share workout information and goals with your friends, as well as mapping your running routes and providing you with mileage information)
and Personal Trainer (which gives you custom workouts and diet plans according to your goals)
And Matt refers us to a great article from Zen Habits, which talks about 3 simple rules for a healthy diet - Create a Meal Plan, use super healthy foods, and pick foods you love.  The article has a lot of great super healthy foods that even I like.

And those articles gave Zach an Idea - we budget our money (or we should be), we should be budgeting our calorie intake as well.  Planning ahead on what you'll eat over the week not only helps you stay disciplined at the table, but it helps you stay disciplined in your money as well. How? If you have a meal plan, you'll need a shopping list, and if you'll stick to your list, you're a lot less likely to grab things based off packages and sales. (2 for 1 Doritos?! In the words of the Kool Aid Guy, OH YEAH!!!)  Anyway, the Mayo Clinic has a great site with a calorie calculator that helps you see how many calories you need to maintain your current weight with your current activity level.  Check it out!


Monday, September 1, 2008

GutCheckCast 19 - Your BMI and You

Greetings, GutCheck Fans, here's this week's episode wherein we discuss

Doug is up a little,
Zach is down.

Matt is celebrating his hard-won success, we're sure.

Meanwhile, we direct your attention to:
a blast from last week - the NYT's article on being Fat and Fit vs. Skinny and Unfit, which leads us to...

the Partnership for Healthy Weight Management's BMI chart. - where you can search 70,000 foods and 500 restaurant menus as well as track calorie burn for tons of different activities from exercise to house repair,(and Mommy-Daddy "special fun time").

And that's it. Let's get out there and go for it this week!

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Monday, August 25, 2008

GutCheckCast 18 - Fanfares, Goals Reached, and 25 Healthy Habits

First, congrats to our formerly silent partner, Mr. Matt Edenfield, who has in the past twelve months lost 80 pounds! We are absolutely thrilled (and more than a little intimidated) by his success.

NY Times asked "Is thin really fit?" Their answer may surprise you. Turns out that just because you look skinny, it doesn't necessarily mean you're healthy.

Men's Fitness lists the 5 healthiest spices. And it turns out, we didn't complain about any of the choices. (except Oregano. I'm not a huge fan of Oregano.)

Ririan project had an article that talked about the effect of taking a break on your health and endurance. What do you know? You've got to keep the effort up, especially for your aerobic exercise.

And last but not least, has the 25 simple tips to help improve your health. We're doing some of them, but I'll admit, I could be drinking more water.

And that's it. Sorry for the day-long delay in getting this out.

Enjoy! Download GutCheck18.mp3


Ya know what a great exercise would be ??? Well, do YOU ?!?!?

Pressing 40 copies of Mur Lafferty's Playing for Keeps straight up over your head. Those lightweight Olympians would have nothing on that. Sure they might lift MORE... But would they look as cool doing it ? I. Think. Not.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

GutCheckCast 17 - A Week Off, A Week Up.

Doug and Zach are both up. Zach more so than Doug.

Moving forward, Matt (whom we are very impressed with) sends some great links and information.

Ririan project - had an article of the dangers of over-training, and tips on how to recuperate if you have over done it one day. (Yeah, let's chalk Zach's break up to this... riiiiiiight...)

Divine Caroline had an article on the cold hard facts of weight loss, all the common sense stuff that we have learned so far on this journey of ours, that weight loss is not easy, and it's not a temporary thing. (Good common sense. So rare. But this is a great reminder)

Fitness Magazine article on top 100 songs to workout to has gotten a bit on controversy, which is to be expected since not everyone has similar musical taste, but if given a look your likely to find at least 1 song in the list you actually enjoy listening to, and if nothing else there is always the Rocky theme "Eye of the Tiger". (This is fun, there's links to most of the songs in iTunes. But what do you listen to?)


Download GutCheck17.mp3.

Friday, August 15, 2008

100pu - Doug - w3d3 (do-over, again)

78 required. 81 completed. So is week 3. Will be moving on to week 4. Ye-ha.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

100pu - Doug - w3d1 (do-over, again)

Ok, so actually this is Day 1 and Day 2, since I forgot to post last time out.

Day 1 - 64 required, 67 achieved.

Day 2 - 71 required, 74 achieved.

So... both days +3. I always try to grab that fourth trip up and down and that's the point where my arms go wobbly. I hope that all of you are sticking with it and that all is well with your efforts !

-Doug 'third time's the charm' Rapson

Monday, August 11, 2008

GutCheckCast 16 - Skewers and Scooters and Jerseys, oh my!

This week, we talk a little about motivation.
Doug is down 1 pound, Zach is maintaining.
Quick ShNotes: (from our good friend Matt at - who BTW is within ONE POUND of his goal. Go, Matt, Go!) "How to Train like an Olympian" and "Train like an Olympian" articles both touch on the basics of what an Olympic athlete has to keep in mind while the train and why they train.
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution had an article of workout tips from Kate Zielger (an Olympic hopeful) that the average Joe or Jane can apply to their workouts to help give them that extra boost. - is yet another food database on the web, yet this one will keep track of what you have eaten for you and let you add in your physical activity for the day as well. Now this is already going a step beyond most food databases, but they also store the information for you so that you can see how your eating and exercise has tracked out over time.
And Men's Health shows you how to not be cranky and give in to cravings in your diet.

Download GutCheckCast16.mp3

Monday, August 4, 2008

In Case You Missed It...

The Google image results that I referred Doug to in the latest GutCheckCast is inexplicably not there today.

But in case you wanted to see the beautiful glory that is the Crown Burger Pastrami Burger...

Here's a link...

Safe for Work, but Not Safe For Your Cholesterol, Heart, Gut, etc...

GutCheckCast Ep 15 - the DIY episode

First, the numbers -
Doug's at 228.8, a loss of OVER TWO POUNDS! Yee-haw!
Zach's at 236.6 - a drop of one pound.
Pushups continue.

Usually, the pre-show chat is... truncated. Not this week. There's just too much awesomeness there.
The DIY Medicine Ball

The Treadmill Desk

Dumb Little Man has an article on 7 tips to develop the habit of daily exercise. If you're listening to us while you exercise, you're already doing... potentially five of these?

Shovelglove is a fantastic idea. And the description of how the idea was developed is classic! Plus, bonus man points (or woman points) for regular sledgehammer use.

And The Change Blog had a very good article on working out alone, and what you really need look for in a home gym setup.

And that's it. Now get out there and check your gut!

Download GutCheckCast015.mp3

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Long Promised Recipies...

Yeah, I know. I keep saying I'm going to throw a recipe or two up here, and I keep flaking out. What can I say? I should probably be frosted... okay that doesn't sound right... at any rate, I thought I'd finally throw some up. The first, Ramon Pichay's Chicken Adobo, I got years ago, and is my favorite adobo chicken recipe. I usually do use thigh meat for this, but you can substitute with breast or other white meat.
The second recipe is definitely NOT gutcheck safe... but it's Coconut... and from a couple weeks ago, we know that's healthy... right?

Yeah, right.

Well, maybe it can be a part of your celebration dinner when you hit your target weight! (and the next day, walk a little extra).


Download Adobo.pdf

Friday, August 1, 2008

100pu - Doug - w3d2 (do-over)

Better today. Not great... but better. 71 required. 73 completed. I am, by no means, setting the world on fire, but I'm keeping at it. Hope you are, too ! Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

100pu - Doug - w3d1 (do-over)

They wanted 64, I managed 60. Today was also my non-walking day. Typically I eat out Fridays with my work friends. We did it mid-week. I thought it was going to rain. It didn't. But whatever. Its done. Now I need to find ways to get my walky on come Thursday and Friday.

Also working on my submission to Mur's video. How's bout U ? Feeling... heroic ?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

GutCheckCast Ep 14 - License to Eat

Hello, and welcome to another GutCheck.

Here's the quick and dirty.

We're both up. Doug by 1.0, Zach by 0.2.

We blame chocolate.

RockYourDay gives us the classic "Better Off Dead Advice"
1. Try something. Anything.
2. See how it does.
3. Adjust accordingly.

Matt gives us an excuse to eat chocolate (like we really needed one), a post at Ririan Project on cycling, and a tool to show how beneficial your walk/run trail is - map it for yourself at

We both commit to do better this week. Let us know how you're doing by dropping us a line
GutCheckCast *at* gmail *dot* com
Or at the K7 line... 206-666-4196


Download GutCheck14.mp3

Friday, July 25, 2008

100pu - Doug - w3d3

I thought I had one more in me. My arms... disagreed. 79 pushups today. Just one more than required. I will be repeating week 3.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

100pu - Doug - w3d2

74 pushups. Required +3, though did have 1 unplanned 120 sec break.

Monday, July 21, 2008

100pu - Doug - w3d1

64 required. 64 completed. Nuff said.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

GutCheckCast Ep 13 - That Magical Smell of Maple Syrup

Tonight, we discuss...

Our general slackerness in doing pushups.

Doug is up 0.2 pounds, and Zach is down 1.6.

Oatmeal. And using it to drive your co-workers insane. (I'm switching to Quaker Oats Weight Control Banana Bread and Cinnamon flavors this week).

Doug's Anniversary.

And from our Silent Partner, Matt Edenfield,

The Swole Project has a list of foods you THINK are healthy, but are really killing you. (Let's hear it for melodrama. And Cherry Coke Zero)

The Ririan Project talks about the need to warm up before working out, and how it makes your workouts more effective.

And finally, the Martha Beck Blog discusses fighting late night snacking.

And that's it. Get out there, pound some pavement, and check your gut.

Download GutCheckCast13.mp3

Friday, July 18, 2008

A weird week, and I'm a slacker.

First, the slackiness. I may have expressed something of a... distaste... for push-ups. In fact, I dislike them so much that... I put off a new test until late last night (after a little lower body weight training). 25. And originally, I wasn't going to do it any more.
But I remembered a short chat my wife and I had at the beginning of the week, and she says that she saw a real difference once I started doing push-ups.

So, I guess I'm going forward with the pushups. Man, I don't like pushups. But my form has gotten a lot better, my legs aren't hitting the ground first any more, and I'm pretty darn happy about that.

Now for the weird. People have begun stopping me in the halls at work, and asking if I've been losing weight. Just... out of nowhere. Then they immediately want to know what I've been doing (eat less and exercise).

I've been eating oatmeal for lunch this week. And after getting comments from the people who sit around me in the work area (for some reason they find the smell of maple syrup distracting), I started eating it in the break room.

And every time I do (twice yesterday), people come walking through, and stop, and smell, and start going "Do you smell maple syrup? What is that?" It usually takes me a minute to get their attention (due to my reflexive ninja-like stealth), and point out that I happen to be eating Quaker Instant Oatmeal - (weight control) Maple and Brown Sugar. I think it's driving the people around me insane. And inciting a craving for waffles. Preliminary numbers for this week are looking good, and we'll see how it goes with the official weigh-in tomorrow. Here's hoping Doug and Matt are doing well also.

One last thought... (yes, this is long. Welcome to the reason I don't blog a lot any more). I now weigh less than Doug did when this little experiment started. If this were Mario Kart, I think I've caught up to "Ghost Doug". I don't think I'll catch "Actual Doug", but it's a very good feeling for me.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

100 Pushups - Doug - pre-w3d1

Exhaustion Test tonight. 19 Pushups. Puts me in column 1 to start week 3. More to come...

Monday, July 14, 2008

GutCheckCast Ep 12 - The Greatest Burger Ever, and Good Cheap Food

Hello, and welcome to week 12 of GutCheckCast. This week's show is one day late, because I forgot to edit and post the ep last night. Nobody's fault but mine.

But this week we talk
Numbers - Doug is up a little, I am down. On the flip side, the pushup challenge continues, and Doug is rockin' the push ups. (day 3 I got the recommended number in plus two. Rapson beats me again!)

The Greatest Burger Ever, IMHO.

Matt Edenfield (at, sends his weekly list o' sites.
Divine Caroline has good cheap food.
The Bargainist has good cheap exercise.
And although we didn't mention it in the show - the Ririan Project reminds us (me especially, because I'm bad at doing it) that you need to stretch. Regularly.

We let Matt know about the Couch to 5k podcasts... available on iTunes, or here.
And that's it. Let's all get out there and pound some pavement this week!

Download GutCheckCast12.mp3

Saturday, July 12, 2008

100pu - Doug - w2d3

A bit of a rebound today. Up to 72. That was the required, plus three. I am happy about this.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

100pu - Doug - w2d2

Came up short today. The day was calling for 66 pushups. I started out ok, but fell short on the last two sets. Total for today was 57. Will have to go back to the site and see what happens when you pull up short on a given day.

Monday, July 7, 2008

100pu - Doug - w2d1

Ok... so I was wondering how things would change with week 2. We go back to the 60 second wait intervals for Day 1, but we've increased the number of pushups in each set. I managed to eek out 51 today. That's all of the required, and 1 more for good measure at the end. Again, doing my best to maintain form, but I can't say as I'm ready for those Olympic trials at this point in the game.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

GutCheckCast 11 - Nutty, Fishy Wonkiness

Hello and welcome to another episode of the GutCheckCast. This week -

Zach's scale is probably possessed.
Doug sees a small gain, but not exactly the kind he wanted.

Matt sends his regards, and three new websites..., for the aspiring Iron Man in all of us (I hear Hawaii is lovely, especially this time of year)., for tracking your Iron Man progress, and
The New York Times has an article on the 11 best foods you aren't eating. Like beets. And sardines. Doug and I discuss.

Also, we talk about how we keep track of each other's progress - our Google Calendar, as well as other sites used by people we know, such as


Download GutCheckCast11.mp3

100pu - Doug - w1d3

Ok. So the end of week 1. Today, I finished with 66. Frankly, I'm surprised at how close to 100 I already am. That's not a brag. Frankly, I thought I was more out of shape than I might be. I'll be curious to see what the coming weeks bring(I have not looked ahead). I can say that my form could use some improvement. Hopefully that will come along with better numbers.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

100pu - Doug - w1d2

I am starting to feel this through my gut. Not sure if its just the push ups, or maybe some combination with the active Wii playing that I'm involved in since returning drom WDW. Weird. Either way, today I am happy to report that I managed 56 push ups. That's two bonus push ups at the end of the required sets. Ye-ha.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

100pu - Doug - w1d1

Ok... I managed to crank out the minimum 41. Much like my cohort in crime, I totally cop to questionable form on the last few. Its freakin' gym class all over again. But I did em. I was hoping to do more than the 'minimum 7' in the last round, butthe arms would have none of it. We'll see what the recommended day of rest does for me.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

100 pushups Z-man, wk 1, day 1.

I believe I mentioned this in the podcast, but my initial run was 18? Something like that. 41 pushups this evening, 10 (60 second rest) 10 (60 second rest) 8 (60 sec) 6 (60 sec) 12. Don't know how good a form those last two were, but I went up and down, so that counts, right?

100 Pushups - Doug

Ok... so I said I would give this a go. Took the initial test. The magic number is - Twelve. Guess we'll see how things go.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

GutCheckCast 10 - Surprising Successes

Although Doug was enjoying the cuisine d'Disney, and I didn't get much of a work out, he drops 1/2 pound, and I drop almost 1/2 pound.

We briefly discuss the Push-up Challenge from last week, and it looks like this will be our first week on the way to 100.

Good footwear for exercise is important - make sure your shoes are comfortable, and provide good support.

Matt's links for this week include:
Just a Guy Thing ran an article on free running or "Parkour". If you've seen the opening scene of Casino Royale, or the chase through Brazilian streets in The Incredible Hulk, you've seen free running. More information also at, considered the online base for most free runners.

The Dumb Little Man Blog had a recent article on keeping fit while traveling. It is a short post with only a few tips, but they are a great reminder as we begin the height of Vacation (and Con) season here in the USA.

Zen Habits (is running zen? I suppose it very well could be...) had an article on turning your couch loving self, into a running fool in 5 steps. It makes no illusions that things will progress rapidly, but does give good basics on how to build up your running speeds along with Health benefits of running to boot.

And that's it for this week. Stay positive, have fun. Now get out there and check your gut.


Download GutCheck10.mp3

Sunday, June 22, 2008

GutCheckCast09 - Living the Sweet Life

Because MSH is sitting in for Doug this week. My apologies again for the audio quality. We're going to have to do something about that.

Doug's down...
Zach's down... and breaks ten pounds this week.

We discuss ... BMI measuring scales, and gaming their systems,
Fringe Benefits of a Diet and Exercise Program, Pain (hear Zach squeal like a little girl), Family Fun Time, etc.

Then audio quality takes a sudden dip, so I discuss solo some traps, like focusing on weight to the exclusion of all else, and beating yourself up/constantly denying yourself any of your old favorite foods.

From Matt ( AND from Random (

100 Pushup Challenge is all about helping you be able to do 100 pushups in 6 weeks.

Foodsel is a website that gives you nutritional information on the foods you eat (including a cool visual lay out), but also provides you with an idea of how much of what activity you need to do to burn off the calories.

Reader's Digest had a recent article on how to help control your cravings. This is mostly repeated from any list of things to help you control cravigns but always deserves another read.

Hope you guys enjoy the episode, and the great links above. We'll have to start comparing notes on the 100 pushup challenge.

And that's it. Enjoy!
Call our voicemail - 206-666-4196

Download GutCheck09.mp3

Monday, June 16, 2008

DDR, Doug's Follow-up

While so many of you have been getting fit with your Wii, I have been relying on my trusty old PS2. I think that Dance Dance Revolution is a great aerobic workout on those days when you may either get drowned or heat stroke doing the usual outdoor workout.

I have two flavors of DDR that I use interchangeably. DDR Konamix is actually a PSX outing, while Supernova is specifically for the PS2. Each has their pros and cons. Konamix was my first entry into the series and was originally purchased as just a "different" sort of game, not so much as a vehicle for exercise, per se. I like the way Konamix handles the workout mode, as it essentially lets you pick your own songs and shows you the calories that you've burned while doing that.

Supernova's workout mode makes me feel like a spaz. I don't need a videogame telling me something I already know. That said, Supernova provided a much more America-centric, eighties-driven playlist. Everything from Funkytown, to Bowie's Let's Dance, to Video Killed the Radio Star makes this an enjoyable process. All those years of playing Konamix have made some of the songs "old friends" but for the newbie, the J Pop isn't likely to inspire you the way that familiar songs will.

The other nice thing for me ? I'm not under the gun the way you might be on a piece of exercise equipment at the gym. No pressure. Just me and my White-man's overbite gettin' down with my bad self.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

GutCheckCast 08 - Wii're very excited

That's right, fellow geeks. Doug's got his Wii on.

He's already suffering motion-related injuries. Not as bad as some, but there you go.

And he's down .2 pounds. 229.8 lbs.
Zach is down .6 pounds. 243.2.

Zach goes to Wendy's and discovers the .99 cent value menu. (chicken sandwich - 330 calories, stack attack - 380) And mandarin oranges.

Zach's lifting weights, and has topped out his barbell set. He must find more weight.

Doug talks about DDR and fitness - (Doug likes 80's music) and can do 30-40 minutes in an aerobic set. (Zach is understandably impressed.) For a free PC clone for DDR, check out stepmania. Dance pads are available in a number of places - Zach got his at the world's garage sale, eBay.

Matt (at

sends us some great links.

Healthy Habits is a blog done by a personal trainer with advice how to get the most out of your workouts.

Health Assist is a blog about healthy habits and how to avoid the not so healthy ones. They also have the Calorie Burn Calculator which helps you figure out haw much time you have to put into an activity to burn X number of calories. is a website full of exercises and nutritional information to get you on your way to better physical fitness. They even have the Fit Tracker. A Diet and exercise tracker mixed into a social network platform, with tons of options for anyone.

Good luck this week!

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

GutCheckCast 07 - Major Milestones

This week -
Doug hits double digits, having lost over ten pounds in seven weeks.
Zach is plugging along, with a total of nine pounds lost in the same time period.

We talk about a thing called "the Internet" and the fact that it's chock full of information. For example, our silent partner Matt has sent some great links.

For Doug's Disney Vacation -
Basics on How to stay fit at Disney World - Gives you some basic information on how you can keep in shape at Disney including how far certain walks are and approximate amount of calories you can burn taking these walks.

Pass Porter has a few basic tips of how to eat properly at Disney.

And for the rest of us:

Lifehacker had a recent article on free online tools to help you track your fitness progress. Although most of the tools listed are more for keeping track of your food, but its still good. is a website put together by a body builder and has been working on it for a few years and he has some great information for non-professional weight lifters. I strongly recommend looking through the older articles as much as the newer ones. Even if your not looking into body building, it still has some great information on things as simple as how to properly stretch. has a lot of information on Intervals and how to incorporate them into your workouts. And even a few Interval training workouts that you can follow for a desired effect. And if your not convinced of the the power of intervals (since this is partly a huge ad for books on intervals) then just see what The Mayo Clinic has to say about them as well. (Note from Zach - this is a principle that I've used in the past for cardio, and is the basis for the "Couch to 5k" training regimen. It really works, and I encourage you to try this.)

Matt has been keeping track of his own progress at, and we encourage you to check his site out and cheer him on. He's posting some great numbers, and video updates, so what are you waiting for?

And that's it for this week. Have a great one, good luck, let's get out there and pound some pavement!

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

MSH Presents: Pico De Gallo

Everything below this 'graph is from MSH. Her Pico is absolutely fantastic, and goes great on everything I've tried it with so far, including her chili. You don't need chips - scramble some egg whites, fry up some bacon (according to Men's Health it really is healthier than other breakfast meats) and throw all of the above and some pico in a tortilla for a healthy, protein-packed breakfast taco. If you've made the pico the night before, that's even better, because the flavors get a chance to blend. Yum.

This recipe is one of my favorites. It is a great condiment that can go on chicken, beef, pork, fish, or other meats. It is also great for dipping. It is a little labor intensive, but well worth the effort. Enjoy!

Pico de Gallo

8-10 Roma tomatoes, diced
1-2 jalapeƱos; seeded, ribbed, and finely diced
1 bunch green onions, sliced
½ red onion, finely diced
½ white onion
juice of 2 limes
¼ tsp. garlic powder
¼ tsp. dried parsley flakes
salt & pepper to taste

In a large bowl add the diced tomatoes, then salt them with ¼ tsp. of salt, and stir. Add the rest of the ingredients, and stir. When I squeeze the juice from the limes, I like to use my kitchen shears to cut the pulp into the mixture – it adds more lime flavor! Taste the mixture, when all of the ingredients have been added, and adjust the seasoning accordingly.

A quick mid-week check-in.

My wife hates it when I tell her I'm having oatmeal for lunch. She's not really a breakfast food junkie the way I am. Having said that, for the last couple weeks, I've been eating oatmeal for breakfast and lunch on Monday - Thursday (until today - a man can only live without his beloved breakfast tacos for so long. But here's to the next two weeks.). I think I'm getting good results, as I hopped on the scale and... well... we'll save that for Saturday.

But the most encouraging thing for me personally is that My Sweet Honey (my wife) has started noticing and commenting. Of course, this morning it was "I think we need to buy you some new pants, the ones you're wearing are hanging off of you", but still, it's sweet.

And for the last two nights, she and I have gone down to the middle school a couple blocks from the house and started walking the track. We've been hauling our child (Codename: Queso) with us, and she's seen us getting up and moving.

The fact that I'm encouraging my whole family to get up and exercise is a huge deal for me. And speaking of family and MSH... I owe you guys some recipes...

Sunday, June 1, 2008

GutCheckCast 06 - The Happiest Meal Plan on Earth

This Week -
We start by discussing... Pokemon in general, Darkrai in specific... for just a moment...

Mixed results at the scale.
Oatmeal v. Breakfast Tacos (are you sick of hearing about this yet?)

Doug will be headed to Disney World in a few weeks, which includes...
The Disney Dining Plan

And Men's tells us to Eat This, Not That.

We hear from the King Of Voicemail, who has very nice things to say about My Sweet Honey's contribution last week... which reminds me... I owe you guys some recipes. Keep an eye on the feed!

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

GutCheckCast 05 - Everything's Better with Honey

This Week -
Doug is at Balticon... and he's still reporting in!
I am NOT at Balticon... and I've had a big loss also.

I'm taking a modified version of the Special K challenge... and I love breakfast tacos...
I take some time and talk with my wife about motivating and supporting someone trying to shed some pounds (she's My Sweet Honey).

And We hear again from Matt Edenfield and The King of VoiceMail... Barely.

Matt's links for this week..

200 Calories - A groups of pictures depicting different types of food at 200 calories of those foods.

Calorie King - List many items from most all chain restaurants and their nutritional information

The Calorie Counter - Lists the nutritional information on most any food you eat.

Also, Reeta mentioned some great recipes in the 'cast, and wanted me to add a couple more... so keep an eye on the website, and we'll see if we can get more healthy recipes here.

Meanwhile, enjoy!

Download GutCheckCast05.mp3

Sunday, May 18, 2008

GutCheckCast004 - One Month Down... or Up?

This week on GutCheck - Doug's down (2 lbs and change), Zach is up (.8 lbs), and we discuss

Belt Loops...
The fact that just because it's called "Coke Zero" doesn't mean it's weightless...
And feedback.

This week, Matt has brought us three new links to point you towards.
#1 - CrossFit - features a daily workout, and promises to get you into Spartan-like shape.
#2 - Men's Health's Belly Off, which has some social aspects to it, and features exercise and menu suggestions. (Zach will be taking a look at this one in particular)
#3 - iPod Gym - is a trainer in your pocket, featuring video tutorials on different exercises you can do. In particular, there is an amazing video of a man doing squats on top of a Swiss Ball (See the last video on this page).

And that's it. Next week, Doug will be at Balticon, so we may see a guest host.

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

GutCheckCast003 - 1.21 Giga Calories???

This week...

Everyone loses, and that's a good thing...
Want to follow our results on a day by day basis? Head to Google Calendar and search for GutCheckCast...
Zach gets a little paranoid about how his legs are developing and wants to avoid knee strain...
Doug makes a shocking revelation regarding the calorie counts of certain fast food selections... (link edited because iTunes downloaded the PDF instead of the show. Heh.)
Zach makes a shocking revelation regarding the calorie counts of certain very refreshing beverages (Incidentally, Zach just made the mistake of looking up the calorie count of the burger and fries he had on Thursday, and it's approximately equal to Doug's...)
The lesson - NEVER look up the calorie contents of your favorite burger.
We also discuss... the Body for Life program.

Mark sent us some great links that we're putting up here now, and that we'll probably discuss next week.
First, Tabata Intervals get his blood going, and have inspired his current exercise regimen.
Second, recently posted information on that old grade-school nemesis... the Push-Up. Suffice to say, this is something that's getting added to my workouts this week.
Third, is offering workouts to go for your iPod.
and points out the seven essential habits of a successful fitness routine.

Thanks for the great feedback, Mark. If you want to check Mark's progress, our silent partner is found at

Contact GutCheckCast by leaving a comment at, calling our voicemail at 206-666-4196, or by e-mailing gutcheckcast *at* gmail *dot* com.

Thanks for listening, now get out there and go for it!


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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Turn the beat around

I realize that every week on this journey will not be filled with sunshine and roses. That said, I didn't just want to sit back after last week. I wanted to be proactive to ensure that things would go well. I did that, because I want to look good and feel excited to be at Balticon. Based on last year, lots of pictures find their way onto Blogs, and Flickr accounts, and goodness only knows what else.

So, I continued with the lunch time cereal-fest and made sure to get out there. Early in the week, it looked as if rain might derail me by Wednesday. So I walked hard Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday was also good walking weather in the end. And it looks like things might clear up for a noontime stroll today. RAWR.

Its all about motivation, kids. Plan your work... then work that motha-frakkin' plan.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

GutCheckCast002 - I Think I Hear a Parade...

Hey, everybody. Welcome to week 2 of the GutCheckCast.

This Week...

Zach has his Parade Moment.
You can't drink Mountain Dew at BYU.
We talk a little tech with new DS releases: Let's Yoga, Let's Pilates.
We point people to: Podrunner, Couch25k, (*Zach has used Couch to 5k, and can recommend it up to week five, where he is currently repeating it until he feels up to a straight 20 minute run)
Nuketown Radioactive
Listener Matt is the Man - find his food and exercise blog here.
If you have a comment, question, or suggestion (Zach, try not to breathe so heavily into the microphone, for example), you can reach us in any of the following ways.

Leave us a voicemail at 206-666-4196.

E-mail us directly at gutcheckcast *at* gmail *dot* com

Or leave a comment here at the website.

Now, good luck, let's have a great week.


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Monday, April 28, 2008

A Tough Week

This is going to be a tough week for me. After dropping five pounds between Week 0 and Week 1, that's a given. I'm thinking it might be a challenge to maintain that pace.

Add into the mix that it was raining today. Scrap walking. I was hoping to at least put the time to good use and get my hair cut. But the local place I go to was full up, so I still look like the Shaggy DA, too.

On Wednesday, my company has their annual profit sharing luncheon. This means a social hour with appetizers. Then sitting and listening to a motivational speaker. And finally, more food. I will try to eat in moderation, but i also know that this is likely to be a stumbling block for me.

So we hope for good weather. I'm also trying an experiment. I am eating Special K for lunch this week, with 2% milk. They're always touting their benefits on the commercials, we'll see if any of this can help offset the other roadblocks that are looking to derail my forward momentum.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

GutCheckCast 1 - A Tale of Two Georges

Hello, and welcome to the official episode 1 of the GutCheckPodcast, in which Zach and Doug have varying degrees of success in their first week of attempted movement from one George to another.
And incidentally, Doug is the man.

In this episode we discuss...
Yard Work (Out)
Boot Camp
Walking, both alone and with others
The George Scale
The flickr group
The Ethical Nature of Broadcasting the weight of others

Join our Flickr Group.

And a special thanks to everyone who sent us feedback. You can do that by sending e-mail to gutcheckcast *at* gmail *dot* com, or by calling us at 206-666-4196.


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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Less Talky=More Walky ?

I walk at lunch at work. Truly its one of my big exercise outlets. I have neither the inclination, nor the time to get to the gym. But I've got a parking lot that makes quarter mile laps, so its real easy to track how far i walk on a given day. I typically eat and then walk with a co-worker.

Well, this week my friend is not in the office. So I have been sticking my buds in my ears and pounding the pavement solo. When he and i walk, we typically do a mile, maybe a mile and a quarter. This week, with podcasts in tow, I have been hammering out a mile and a half. One day I even got up to two miles.

I enjoy walking with my friend. But I have to wonder if I am not more productive when pounding along in my own little world. What do ya think ? Do you walk with a friend or a loved one ? Or is your walking time a solo effort ?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

GutCheckCast 0 - We begin our losing proposition.

Hi, and welcome to the GutCheckCast podcast. This is episode zero, where Doug and Zach reveal that they are typical gut-toting geek dads. And they're going to do something about it.

In this episode, they mention:
The Flickr Group.
Zach's Phone.
Mountain Dew.
and their current weights, plans for the week, and ultimate goals.

If you have a story to share, successes, challenges, tips, etc., leave a voice mail at 206-666-4196, or send an e-mail to gutcheckcast *at* gmail *dot* com.

Download gutcheckcast0.mp3.

Friday, April 18, 2008

The premise ?

Two men enter. BOTH men lose. This journey is NOT for the faint of heart.

Hold your breath in wondrous anticipation, oh ye internets...

Two podcasters... with their combined powers... will face the ultimate losing proposition...