Sunday, July 27, 2008

GutCheckCast Ep 14 - License to Eat

Hello, and welcome to another GutCheck.

Here's the quick and dirty.

We're both up. Doug by 1.0, Zach by 0.2.

We blame chocolate.

RockYourDay gives us the classic "Better Off Dead Advice"
1. Try something. Anything.
2. See how it does.
3. Adjust accordingly.

Matt gives us an excuse to eat chocolate (like we really needed one), a post at Ririan Project on cycling, and a tool to show how beneficial your walk/run trail is - map it for yourself at

We both commit to do better this week. Let us know how you're doing by dropping us a line
GutCheckCast *at* gmail *dot* com
Or at the K7 line... 206-666-4196


Download GutCheck14.mp3

1 comment:

Dani in NC said...

You are so wrong for talking so lovingly about The Melting Pot! Not only can my body not afford it, but my wallet can't, either. For shame!