Sunday, July 20, 2008

GutCheckCast Ep 13 - That Magical Smell of Maple Syrup

Tonight, we discuss...

Our general slackerness in doing pushups.

Doug is up 0.2 pounds, and Zach is down 1.6.

Oatmeal. And using it to drive your co-workers insane. (I'm switching to Quaker Oats Weight Control Banana Bread and Cinnamon flavors this week).

Doug's Anniversary.

And from our Silent Partner, Matt Edenfield,

The Swole Project has a list of foods you THINK are healthy, but are really killing you. (Let's hear it for melodrama. And Cherry Coke Zero)

The Ririan Project talks about the need to warm up before working out, and how it makes your workouts more effective.

And finally, the Martha Beck Blog discusses fighting late night snacking.

And that's it. Get out there, pound some pavement, and check your gut.

Download GutCheckCast13.mp3

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