Sunday, January 25, 2009

GutCheck 2.0 Ep 3 - Books for Kids - from the experts

This week, Zach takes a bow out, and Doug and his family discuss some of their favorite books.

The audio quality on this recording isn't up to our regular standards, but I think that's overcome by the sheer burning power of teh cute.

Mo Willems

Anyway, Zach will be back next week for the kickoff of the Exercise '09 run.

Meanwhile, enjoy!

Download GC2-003.mp3

Sunday, January 18, 2009

GutCheck 2.0 Ep 2 - Social Sites for Kids

Yes, continuing our trend of sharing things that our families enjoy, this week, we talk about social websites for kids. We mention...

Pixie Hollow (in passing)
and YouTube. Apparently they have music videos there, who knew?

And one more I forgot to mention - Addicting Games. That's more for older kids. My wife's little brother (he's 14) loves that site, but it might not be appropriate for younger kids. I personally recommend N. (Stands for Ninja)


Sunday, January 11, 2009

GutCheck 2.0 Ep 1 - Now for something completely different!

This episode, the format of GutCheck is changing.

Significantly, maybe. 

When we began, one of the main reasons we started our weightloss program was to be more active and involved with our kids. So in this episode, we'll start talking about other things that we enjoy with our kids. We understand this is a fairly radical change, and hope you'll enjoy the new format. The first week of every month, we will talk exercise and weight loss, and the other three weeks... well... we'll see.

This week, because Zach can't seem to do a podcast that doesn't touch on it in some way, form, or fashion, we talk... Pokemon.


Download GutCheck2-001.mp3

Sunday, January 4, 2009

GutCheckCast 37 - End of the Line!

This is it... the last weigh-in for GutCheck in '08. Yeah, it's technically '09. Give us a break, we didn't start this until Mid-April.

Doug is up slightly, but overall is down over 9 pounds!
Zach is holding steady, and overall is down over 23 pounds!

What we learned - Get Moving! And make yourself accountable.
And this week we discuss:
Weightbot - you may not have an iPhone or iPod touch, but if you can graph your progress, that makes a picture that can be very revealing, and very motivating.
And for those of us who are starting out, or re-dedicating ourselves to a healthy lifestyle in '09 - measuring your BMI at home.

We'll be back next week.


Download GutCheck37.mp3