Monday, August 25, 2008

GutCheckCast 18 - Fanfares, Goals Reached, and 25 Healthy Habits

First, congrats to our formerly silent partner, Mr. Matt Edenfield, who has in the past twelve months lost 80 pounds! We are absolutely thrilled (and more than a little intimidated) by his success.

NY Times asked "Is thin really fit?" Their answer may surprise you. Turns out that just because you look skinny, it doesn't necessarily mean you're healthy.

Men's Fitness lists the 5 healthiest spices. And it turns out, we didn't complain about any of the choices. (except Oregano. I'm not a huge fan of Oregano.)

Ririan project had an article that talked about the effect of taking a break on your health and endurance. What do you know? You've got to keep the effort up, especially for your aerobic exercise.

And last but not least, has the 25 simple tips to help improve your health. We're doing some of them, but I'll admit, I could be drinking more water.

And that's it. Sorry for the day-long delay in getting this out.

Enjoy! Download GutCheck18.mp3


Ya know what a great exercise would be ??? Well, do YOU ?!?!?

Pressing 40 copies of Mur Lafferty's Playing for Keeps straight up over your head. Those lightweight Olympians would have nothing on that. Sure they might lift MORE... But would they look as cool doing it ? I. Think. Not.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

GutCheckCast 17 - A Week Off, A Week Up.

Doug and Zach are both up. Zach more so than Doug.

Moving forward, Matt (whom we are very impressed with) sends some great links and information.

Ririan project - had an article of the dangers of over-training, and tips on how to recuperate if you have over done it one day. (Yeah, let's chalk Zach's break up to this... riiiiiiight...)

Divine Caroline had an article on the cold hard facts of weight loss, all the common sense stuff that we have learned so far on this journey of ours, that weight loss is not easy, and it's not a temporary thing. (Good common sense. So rare. But this is a great reminder)

Fitness Magazine article on top 100 songs to workout to has gotten a bit on controversy, which is to be expected since not everyone has similar musical taste, but if given a look your likely to find at least 1 song in the list you actually enjoy listening to, and if nothing else there is always the Rocky theme "Eye of the Tiger". (This is fun, there's links to most of the songs in iTunes. But what do you listen to?)


Download GutCheck17.mp3.

Friday, August 15, 2008

100pu - Doug - w3d3 (do-over, again)

78 required. 81 completed. So is week 3. Will be moving on to week 4. Ye-ha.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

100pu - Doug - w3d1 (do-over, again)

Ok, so actually this is Day 1 and Day 2, since I forgot to post last time out.

Day 1 - 64 required, 67 achieved.

Day 2 - 71 required, 74 achieved.

So... both days +3. I always try to grab that fourth trip up and down and that's the point where my arms go wobbly. I hope that all of you are sticking with it and that all is well with your efforts !

-Doug 'third time's the charm' Rapson

Monday, August 11, 2008

GutCheckCast 16 - Skewers and Scooters and Jerseys, oh my!

This week, we talk a little about motivation.
Doug is down 1 pound, Zach is maintaining.
Quick ShNotes: (from our good friend Matt at - who BTW is within ONE POUND of his goal. Go, Matt, Go!) "How to Train like an Olympian" and "Train like an Olympian" articles both touch on the basics of what an Olympic athlete has to keep in mind while the train and why they train.
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution had an article of workout tips from Kate Zielger (an Olympic hopeful) that the average Joe or Jane can apply to their workouts to help give them that extra boost. - is yet another food database on the web, yet this one will keep track of what you have eaten for you and let you add in your physical activity for the day as well. Now this is already going a step beyond most food databases, but they also store the information for you so that you can see how your eating and exercise has tracked out over time.
And Men's Health shows you how to not be cranky and give in to cravings in your diet.

Download GutCheckCast16.mp3

Monday, August 4, 2008

In Case You Missed It...

The Google image results that I referred Doug to in the latest GutCheckCast is inexplicably not there today.

But in case you wanted to see the beautiful glory that is the Crown Burger Pastrami Burger...

Here's a link...

Safe for Work, but Not Safe For Your Cholesterol, Heart, Gut, etc...

GutCheckCast Ep 15 - the DIY episode

First, the numbers -
Doug's at 228.8, a loss of OVER TWO POUNDS! Yee-haw!
Zach's at 236.6 - a drop of one pound.
Pushups continue.

Usually, the pre-show chat is... truncated. Not this week. There's just too much awesomeness there.
The DIY Medicine Ball

The Treadmill Desk

Dumb Little Man has an article on 7 tips to develop the habit of daily exercise. If you're listening to us while you exercise, you're already doing... potentially five of these?

Shovelglove is a fantastic idea. And the description of how the idea was developed is classic! Plus, bonus man points (or woman points) for regular sledgehammer use.

And The Change Blog had a very good article on working out alone, and what you really need look for in a home gym setup.

And that's it. Now get out there and check your gut!

Download GutCheckCast015.mp3

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Long Promised Recipies...

Yeah, I know. I keep saying I'm going to throw a recipe or two up here, and I keep flaking out. What can I say? I should probably be frosted... okay that doesn't sound right... at any rate, I thought I'd finally throw some up. The first, Ramon Pichay's Chicken Adobo, I got years ago, and is my favorite adobo chicken recipe. I usually do use thigh meat for this, but you can substitute with breast or other white meat.
The second recipe is definitely NOT gutcheck safe... but it's Coconut... and from a couple weeks ago, we know that's healthy... right?

Yeah, right.

Well, maybe it can be a part of your celebration dinner when you hit your target weight! (and the next day, walk a little extra).


Download Adobo.pdf

Friday, August 1, 2008

100pu - Doug - w3d2 (do-over)

Better today. Not great... but better. 71 required. 73 completed. I am, by no means, setting the world on fire, but I'm keeping at it. Hope you are, too ! Have a great weekend.