Monday, April 28, 2008

A Tough Week

This is going to be a tough week for me. After dropping five pounds between Week 0 and Week 1, that's a given. I'm thinking it might be a challenge to maintain that pace.

Add into the mix that it was raining today. Scrap walking. I was hoping to at least put the time to good use and get my hair cut. But the local place I go to was full up, so I still look like the Shaggy DA, too.

On Wednesday, my company has their annual profit sharing luncheon. This means a social hour with appetizers. Then sitting and listening to a motivational speaker. And finally, more food. I will try to eat in moderation, but i also know that this is likely to be a stumbling block for me.

So we hope for good weather. I'm also trying an experiment. I am eating Special K for lunch this week, with 2% milk. They're always touting their benefits on the commercials, we'll see if any of this can help offset the other roadblocks that are looking to derail my forward momentum.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

GutCheckCast 1 - A Tale of Two Georges

Hello, and welcome to the official episode 1 of the GutCheckPodcast, in which Zach and Doug have varying degrees of success in their first week of attempted movement from one George to another.
And incidentally, Doug is the man.

In this episode we discuss...
Yard Work (Out)
Boot Camp
Walking, both alone and with others
The George Scale
The flickr group
The Ethical Nature of Broadcasting the weight of others

Join our Flickr Group.

And a special thanks to everyone who sent us feedback. You can do that by sending e-mail to gutcheckcast *at* gmail *dot* com, or by calling us at 206-666-4196.


Download GutCheck1.mp3

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Less Talky=More Walky ?

I walk at lunch at work. Truly its one of my big exercise outlets. I have neither the inclination, nor the time to get to the gym. But I've got a parking lot that makes quarter mile laps, so its real easy to track how far i walk on a given day. I typically eat and then walk with a co-worker.

Well, this week my friend is not in the office. So I have been sticking my buds in my ears and pounding the pavement solo. When he and i walk, we typically do a mile, maybe a mile and a quarter. This week, with podcasts in tow, I have been hammering out a mile and a half. One day I even got up to two miles.

I enjoy walking with my friend. But I have to wonder if I am not more productive when pounding along in my own little world. What do ya think ? Do you walk with a friend or a loved one ? Or is your walking time a solo effort ?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

GutCheckCast 0 - We begin our losing proposition.

Hi, and welcome to the GutCheckCast podcast. This is episode zero, where Doug and Zach reveal that they are typical gut-toting geek dads. And they're going to do something about it.

In this episode, they mention:
The Flickr Group.
Zach's Phone.
Mountain Dew.
and their current weights, plans for the week, and ultimate goals.

If you have a story to share, successes, challenges, tips, etc., leave a voice mail at 206-666-4196, or send an e-mail to gutcheckcast *at* gmail *dot* com.

Download gutcheckcast0.mp3.

Friday, April 18, 2008

The premise ?

Two men enter. BOTH men lose. This journey is NOT for the faint of heart.

Hold your breath in wondrous anticipation, oh ye internets...

Two podcasters... with their combined powers... will face the ultimate losing proposition...