Monday, July 14, 2008

GutCheckCast Ep 12 - The Greatest Burger Ever, and Good Cheap Food

Hello, and welcome to week 12 of GutCheckCast. This week's show is one day late, because I forgot to edit and post the ep last night. Nobody's fault but mine.

But this week we talk
Numbers - Doug is up a little, I am down. On the flip side, the pushup challenge continues, and Doug is rockin' the push ups. (day 3 I got the recommended number in plus two. Rapson beats me again!)

The Greatest Burger Ever, IMHO.

Matt Edenfield (at, sends his weekly list o' sites.
Divine Caroline has good cheap food.
The Bargainist has good cheap exercise.
And although we didn't mention it in the show - the Ririan Project reminds us (me especially, because I'm bad at doing it) that you need to stretch. Regularly.

We let Matt know about the Couch to 5k podcasts... available on iTunes, or here.
And that's it. Let's all get out there and pound some pavement this week!

Download GutCheckCast12.mp3


Brad P. from NJ said...

As a short term profiteering plan, buying lots of watermelon, and shipping them to the same demographic areas as people buying the little blue pill would be a good choice. Maybe there's a secondary PodCast fund sourcing opportunity... hmmmm....


Doug said...

Honey... Have we got any watermellon in the fridge ? :-D