Sunday, May 11, 2008

GutCheckCast003 - 1.21 Giga Calories???

This week...

Everyone loses, and that's a good thing...
Want to follow our results on a day by day basis? Head to Google Calendar and search for GutCheckCast...
Zach gets a little paranoid about how his legs are developing and wants to avoid knee strain...
Doug makes a shocking revelation regarding the calorie counts of certain fast food selections... (link edited because iTunes downloaded the PDF instead of the show. Heh.)
Zach makes a shocking revelation regarding the calorie counts of certain very refreshing beverages (Incidentally, Zach just made the mistake of looking up the calorie count of the burger and fries he had on Thursday, and it's approximately equal to Doug's...)
The lesson - NEVER look up the calorie contents of your favorite burger.
We also discuss... the Body for Life program.

Mark sent us some great links that we're putting up here now, and that we'll probably discuss next week.
First, Tabata Intervals get his blood going, and have inspired his current exercise regimen.
Second, recently posted information on that old grade-school nemesis... the Push-Up. Suffice to say, this is something that's getting added to my workouts this week.
Third, is offering workouts to go for your iPod.
and points out the seven essential habits of a successful fitness routine.

Thanks for the great feedback, Mark. If you want to check Mark's progress, our silent partner is found at

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Thanks for listening, now get out there and go for it!


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Matt said...

Another great show guys. But just as a side note for the show notes. My name is spelled M-A-T-T not M-A-R-K. Not a worry though as I have been called Mark many a times by people. Guess my parents just picked the wrong name for me.

Your silent partner,

Brad P. from NJ said...

Nice show. It's good to hear real people working hard to get the whole diet, exercise, weight loss thing under control.

My wife and I have put a list of ideas up on our cabinet. We have it up there to remind us and see what we have already agreed to do, and what we're setting as our new goals.

Old Goals :

1) Cut out soda (I'm one of those "If I'm gonna drink the soda, I'm gonna drink the soda, none of this diet stuff")

2) Get out and walk three times a week (yeah... this one's harder to do, because we want to walk together in the am... Je suis non un person du morning)

New Goals :

1) Stay away from the ice cream shop. Even though it's within walking distance, that doesn't balance.