Sunday, May 18, 2008

GutCheckCast004 - One Month Down... or Up?

This week on GutCheck - Doug's down (2 lbs and change), Zach is up (.8 lbs), and we discuss

Belt Loops...
The fact that just because it's called "Coke Zero" doesn't mean it's weightless...
And feedback.

This week, Matt has brought us three new links to point you towards.
#1 - CrossFit - features a daily workout, and promises to get you into Spartan-like shape.
#2 - Men's Health's Belly Off, which has some social aspects to it, and features exercise and menu suggestions. (Zach will be taking a look at this one in particular)
#3 - iPod Gym - is a trainer in your pocket, featuring video tutorials on different exercises you can do. In particular, there is an amazing video of a man doing squats on top of a Swiss Ball (See the last video on this page).

And that's it. Next week, Doug will be at Balticon, so we may see a guest host.

Download GutCheck04.mp3


Tracey said...

Ok, so what is the deal with Coke Zero?? Cant listen to the pod cast, so inquiring minds want to know! How are you Doug? Hope all is well. Miss you!

Zach said...

Tracey, the reference is because the night before the weigh in I went to a VERY late showing of Speed Racer and had a HUGE Coke Zero. I mean, it's got Zero in the name, right? It should have Zero effect, right? The next morning, I was up 0.8 lbs. :p
Hence the reference.

But this week I've been working on reducing my intake. We'll see what happens.