Sunday, May 25, 2008

GutCheckCast 05 - Everything's Better with Honey

This Week -
Doug is at Balticon... and he's still reporting in!
I am NOT at Balticon... and I've had a big loss also.

I'm taking a modified version of the Special K challenge... and I love breakfast tacos...
I take some time and talk with my wife about motivating and supporting someone trying to shed some pounds (she's My Sweet Honey).

And We hear again from Matt Edenfield and The King of VoiceMail... Barely.

Matt's links for this week..

200 Calories - A groups of pictures depicting different types of food at 200 calories of those foods.

Calorie King - List many items from most all chain restaurants and their nutritional information

The Calorie Counter - Lists the nutritional information on most any food you eat.

Also, Reeta mentioned some great recipes in the 'cast, and wanted me to add a couple more... so keep an eye on the website, and we'll see if we can get more healthy recipes here.

Meanwhile, enjoy!

Download GutCheckCast05.mp3

1 comment:

Doug said...

@Zach: You rock, good sir. Congrats on the drop. Also... much thanks to (Y)SH for holding that banner high and marching forward. Live Gutcheck next year in Baltimore ? I envision one of those boxing weigh-ins. The mind reels.