Thursday, May 8, 2008

Turn the beat around

I realize that every week on this journey will not be filled with sunshine and roses. That said, I didn't just want to sit back after last week. I wanted to be proactive to ensure that things would go well. I did that, because I want to look good and feel excited to be at Balticon. Based on last year, lots of pictures find their way onto Blogs, and Flickr accounts, and goodness only knows what else.

So, I continued with the lunch time cereal-fest and made sure to get out there. Early in the week, it looked as if rain might derail me by Wednesday. So I walked hard Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday was also good walking weather in the end. And it looks like things might clear up for a noontime stroll today. RAWR.

Its all about motivation, kids. Plan your work... then work that motha-frakkin' plan.

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