Monday, September 22, 2008

GutCheckCast 22 - Pie and Mental Health...

Also... Asparagus.

Sorry this is late - Poor planning on my part.

Meanwhile, we discuss...
Doug is down almost a pound.
Zach is down also.

Exercise helps your mental health.

Matt, despite being under the weather, provides us with the following links...

Zen Habits had
an article on minimalist fitness. DIY and some seriously tough workouts. Matt in particular warns that the prisoner workouts (!?) are seriously tough.

Yahoo health featured
an article on 5 healthy foods we should all be eating. I like asparagus. And pomegranates. So there. Doug found Green Tea... "interesting".

Ririan Project has their top 10 list of weight loss tips. Because who doesn't love weight loss? And top 10 lists?

And that's it. We'll try to avoid eating entire pies this week (which should be easy... I'm still a little queasy - pics at the Flickr Group Site).

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