Sunday, September 14, 2008

GutCheckCast 21 - The Double BackStep

Yeah, we're both up a bit. 

We talk this week about staying motivated, and our good buddy Matt (who this week is living a bizarre, twisted country song, as his car was broken into, his computer crashed, and he has a cold), sent us some great links for you. has an article on getting/staying motivated to exercise.  Things such as setting goals and rewards and keeping the exercise fun and flexible.  We've talked about goals and rewards, but sometimes we get into a rut on what we're actually doing.  Switching it up, and keeping it fun is good advice.

The Happiness Project has 9 tips for staying motivated.  Instead of focusing on physical benefits (which are many), this article talks about some of the psychological and emotional benefits from getting and staying active.  A great article, and well worth a look.

And Hassle Bot is great if you don't have someone willing to kick you into gear.  It sends out occasional e-mails reminding you of stuff on your "to-do" list. You know, like exercise.  And clean the garage.  And take out the garbage... and... Matt's single, right?  ;-)

Here's this week's episode - Enjoy!

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