Sunday, September 7, 2008

GutCheckCast 20 - Office Work(outs) and Belly Budgets

Hello, all, and welcome to another episode of the GutCheckCast.

This week -
Zach is yo-yoing, but we'll call it down (so I don't slack off)
and Doug's body seems to be perfectly happy where it is weight-wise.

Campbell's brings us some great ideas for being healthy with a white-collar office job...

Matt sends us to not one, but two (2) great Facebook apps
Zelky (allows you to share workout information and goals with your friends, as well as mapping your running routes and providing you with mileage information)
and Personal Trainer (which gives you custom workouts and diet plans according to your goals)
And Matt refers us to a great article from Zen Habits, which talks about 3 simple rules for a healthy diet - Create a Meal Plan, use super healthy foods, and pick foods you love.  The article has a lot of great super healthy foods that even I like.

And those articles gave Zach an Idea - we budget our money (or we should be), we should be budgeting our calorie intake as well.  Planning ahead on what you'll eat over the week not only helps you stay disciplined at the table, but it helps you stay disciplined in your money as well. How? If you have a meal plan, you'll need a shopping list, and if you'll stick to your list, you're a lot less likely to grab things based off packages and sales. (2 for 1 Doritos?! In the words of the Kool Aid Guy, OH YEAH!!!)  Anyway, the Mayo Clinic has a great site with a calorie calculator that helps you see how many calories you need to maintain your current weight with your current activity level.  Check it out!


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