Thursday, June 5, 2008

A quick mid-week check-in.

My wife hates it when I tell her I'm having oatmeal for lunch. She's not really a breakfast food junkie the way I am. Having said that, for the last couple weeks, I've been eating oatmeal for breakfast and lunch on Monday - Thursday (until today - a man can only live without his beloved breakfast tacos for so long. But here's to the next two weeks.). I think I'm getting good results, as I hopped on the scale and... well... we'll save that for Saturday.

But the most encouraging thing for me personally is that My Sweet Honey (my wife) has started noticing and commenting. Of course, this morning it was "I think we need to buy you some new pants, the ones you're wearing are hanging off of you", but still, it's sweet.

And for the last two nights, she and I have gone down to the middle school a couple blocks from the house and started walking the track. We've been hauling our child (Codename: Queso) with us, and she's seen us getting up and moving.

The fact that I'm encouraging my whole family to get up and exercise is a huge deal for me. And speaking of family and MSH... I owe you guys some recipes...

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