Monday, June 16, 2008

DDR, Doug's Follow-up

While so many of you have been getting fit with your Wii, I have been relying on my trusty old PS2. I think that Dance Dance Revolution is a great aerobic workout on those days when you may either get drowned or heat stroke doing the usual outdoor workout.

I have two flavors of DDR that I use interchangeably. DDR Konamix is actually a PSX outing, while Supernova is specifically for the PS2. Each has their pros and cons. Konamix was my first entry into the series and was originally purchased as just a "different" sort of game, not so much as a vehicle for exercise, per se. I like the way Konamix handles the workout mode, as it essentially lets you pick your own songs and shows you the calories that you've burned while doing that.

Supernova's workout mode makes me feel like a spaz. I don't need a videogame telling me something I already know. That said, Supernova provided a much more America-centric, eighties-driven playlist. Everything from Funkytown, to Bowie's Let's Dance, to Video Killed the Radio Star makes this an enjoyable process. All those years of playing Konamix have made some of the songs "old friends" but for the newbie, the J Pop isn't likely to inspire you the way that familiar songs will.

The other nice thing for me ? I'm not under the gun the way you might be on a piece of exercise equipment at the gym. No pressure. Just me and my White-man's overbite gettin' down with my bad self.

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