Sunday, June 15, 2008

GutCheckCast 08 - Wii're very excited

That's right, fellow geeks. Doug's got his Wii on.

He's already suffering motion-related injuries. Not as bad as some, but there you go.

And he's down .2 pounds. 229.8 lbs.
Zach is down .6 pounds. 243.2.

Zach goes to Wendy's and discovers the .99 cent value menu. (chicken sandwich - 330 calories, stack attack - 380) And mandarin oranges.

Zach's lifting weights, and has topped out his barbell set. He must find more weight.

Doug talks about DDR and fitness - (Doug likes 80's music) and can do 30-40 minutes in an aerobic set. (Zach is understandably impressed.) For a free PC clone for DDR, check out stepmania. Dance pads are available in a number of places - Zach got his at the world's garage sale, eBay.

Matt (at

sends us some great links.

Healthy Habits is a blog done by a personal trainer with advice how to get the most out of your workouts.

Health Assist is a blog about healthy habits and how to avoid the not so healthy ones. They also have the Calorie Burn Calculator which helps you figure out haw much time you have to put into an activity to burn X number of calories. is a website full of exercises and nutritional information to get you on your way to better physical fitness. They even have the Fit Tracker. A Diet and exercise tracker mixed into a social network platform, with tons of options for anyone.

Good luck this week!

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