Sunday, June 29, 2008

GutCheckCast 10 - Surprising Successes

Although Doug was enjoying the cuisine d'Disney, and I didn't get much of a work out, he drops 1/2 pound, and I drop almost 1/2 pound.

We briefly discuss the Push-up Challenge from last week, and it looks like this will be our first week on the way to 100.

Good footwear for exercise is important - make sure your shoes are comfortable, and provide good support.

Matt's links for this week include:
Just a Guy Thing ran an article on free running or "Parkour". If you've seen the opening scene of Casino Royale, or the chase through Brazilian streets in The Incredible Hulk, you've seen free running. More information also at, considered the online base for most free runners.

The Dumb Little Man Blog had a recent article on keeping fit while traveling. It is a short post with only a few tips, but they are a great reminder as we begin the height of Vacation (and Con) season here in the USA.

Zen Habits (is running zen? I suppose it very well could be...) had an article on turning your couch loving self, into a running fool in 5 steps. It makes no illusions that things will progress rapidly, but does give good basics on how to build up your running speeds along with Health benefits of running to boot.

And that's it for this week. Stay positive, have fun. Now get out there and check your gut.


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