Sunday, January 25, 2009

GutCheck 2.0 Ep 3 - Books for Kids - from the experts

This week, Zach takes a bow out, and Doug and his family discuss some of their favorite books.

The audio quality on this recording isn't up to our regular standards, but I think that's overcome by the sheer burning power of teh cute.

Mo Willems

Anyway, Zach will be back next week for the kickoff of the Exercise '09 run.

Meanwhile, enjoy!

Download GC2-003.mp3


Doug said...

Can't believe he posted that. I would like to ADD my apologies for the audio quality on this ep. But I would recommend Mo Willems one last time. Good stuff. I would also like to ask that you forgive my partner in crime for posting this show as GSG. He's had a fever. ;-) Come back soon. Nearly time for the Super Bowl and our next weigh-in.

Zach said...

In my defense, I'd like to plead stupidity. And that it's now fixed. And the last one too. And the next one (oy, oy, oy, oy...)