Sunday, January 4, 2009

GutCheckCast 37 - End of the Line!

This is it... the last weigh-in for GutCheck in '08. Yeah, it's technically '09. Give us a break, we didn't start this until Mid-April.

Doug is up slightly, but overall is down over 9 pounds!
Zach is holding steady, and overall is down over 23 pounds!

What we learned - Get Moving! And make yourself accountable.
And this week we discuss:
Weightbot - you may not have an iPhone or iPod touch, but if you can graph your progress, that makes a picture that can be very revealing, and very motivating.
And for those of us who are starting out, or re-dedicating ourselves to a healthy lifestyle in '09 - measuring your BMI at home.

We'll be back next week.


Download GutCheck37.mp3

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