Sunday, August 17, 2008

GutCheckCast 17 - A Week Off, A Week Up.

Doug and Zach are both up. Zach more so than Doug.

Moving forward, Matt (whom we are very impressed with) sends some great links and information.

Ririan project - had an article of the dangers of over-training, and tips on how to recuperate if you have over done it one day. (Yeah, let's chalk Zach's break up to this... riiiiiiight...)

Divine Caroline had an article on the cold hard facts of weight loss, all the common sense stuff that we have learned so far on this journey of ours, that weight loss is not easy, and it's not a temporary thing. (Good common sense. So rare. But this is a great reminder)

Fitness Magazine article on top 100 songs to workout to has gotten a bit on controversy, which is to be expected since not everyone has similar musical taste, but if given a look your likely to find at least 1 song in the list you actually enjoy listening to, and if nothing else there is always the Rocky theme "Eye of the Tiger". (This is fun, there's links to most of the songs in iTunes. But what do you listen to?)


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Dani in NC said...

For me, a good workout song has music with an irresistible groove plus lyrics that either make me want to have sex or kick a** :-). I can't listen to instrumental music like the stuff on Podrunner. I need the lyrics to hype me up. A lot of that dance club stuff, like the Pussycat Dolls, works well for me even though I would never buy it for regular listening.