Monday, August 11, 2008

GutCheckCast 16 - Skewers and Scooters and Jerseys, oh my!

This week, we talk a little about motivation.
Doug is down 1 pound, Zach is maintaining.
Quick ShNotes: (from our good friend Matt at - who BTW is within ONE POUND of his goal. Go, Matt, Go!) "How to Train like an Olympian" and "Train like an Olympian" articles both touch on the basics of what an Olympic athlete has to keep in mind while the train and why they train.
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution had an article of workout tips from Kate Zielger (an Olympic hopeful) that the average Joe or Jane can apply to their workouts to help give them that extra boost. - is yet another food database on the web, yet this one will keep track of what you have eaten for you and let you add in your physical activity for the day as well. Now this is already going a step beyond most food databases, but they also store the information for you so that you can see how your eating and exercise has tracked out over time.
And Men's Health shows you how to not be cranky and give in to cravings in your diet.

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Dani in NC said...

Tony from Tony's Losing It and Backseat Producers has used The Daily Plate. You may want to ask him how he likes it. I know a few people who like Calorie King, too.