Sunday, April 19, 2009

GutCheckCast2.0 - Ep 14: The Family that Sweats Together...

Hi, GutCheckers.

Doug is down a little this week, Zach is up. 

We talk a little about what we do with our families. What do you do with yours? We'd like your feedback.



Tony said...

Hey... Hey!!!

Don't make me start working out and losing weight... er... wait. That's what I'm supposed to be doing... Dammit!!

Now I'm being guilted into starting TLI back up.. Thanks guys! ;)

Doug said...

Hey Tony... its how we roll. Speaking of rolling, I'm rolling back into 100 PU. Back to square... er, day... one. 29 tonight(6/6/4/4/9).

Doug said...

36 tonight(6/8/6/6/10).