Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Less Talky=More Walky ?

I walk at lunch at work. Truly its one of my big exercise outlets. I have neither the inclination, nor the time to get to the gym. But I've got a parking lot that makes quarter mile laps, so its real easy to track how far i walk on a given day. I typically eat and then walk with a co-worker.

Well, this week my friend is not in the office. So I have been sticking my buds in my ears and pounding the pavement solo. When he and i walk, we typically do a mile, maybe a mile and a quarter. This week, with podcasts in tow, I have been hammering out a mile and a half. One day I even got up to two miles.

I enjoy walking with my friend. But I have to wonder if I am not more productive when pounding along in my own little world. What do ya think ? Do you walk with a friend or a loved one ? Or is your walking time a solo effort ?


Dani in NC said...

I am definitely more productive when I walk alone. If I walk with the kids, they slow me down and I get frustrated. If I walk with grown-ups, they walk too fast and I give up walking with them again. I'm better off walking alone and keeping my own pace, although I haven't been walking lately. Bad Dani!

Brad P. from NJ said...

I definitely end up not walking as much when I walk with someone. Although, for the last few months, I've simply avoiding walking... So, maybe I should just go for walks with my co-worker pals, and get something done.