Friday, August 20, 2010

GutCheckCast 3.0 Ep 18 - 10,000 Steps to going Gluten Free

In which we also discuss the deadliness of corn.
Horrible corn... so deadly...

In other news, Doug's work is providing him with a pedometer, so he can measure his 10,000 steps. And if you (like one of our co-hosts) have lost your Poke-Walker, you can pick up a replacement and measure your own 10,000 steps in Poke-style for 8.95 from Nintendo.
Mae is going Gluten-Free. And her awesome husband is sharing the pain.
And Zach admits that he needs more sleep.

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Dani in NC said...

Doug, I am surprised that you had never heard of the 10,000 Steps initiative before now. A few years ago, you couldn't swing a stick without hitting a magazine that had an article about it. I imagine it is a fun way to get a fitness program started. I never tried it because frankly, I am too lazy to do the math required to set my stride length in a pedometer :-).

I took a break from listening to you guys for a while, but I've started back because I need company while I try to lose this extra 100 lbs. So let's get moving!