Monday, December 7, 2009

GutCheckCast 2.0 Ep 45 - Big Brother Gut Checkin'

This week -

Doug is down a bit,
Zach is experiencing a gravitational anomaly in the vicinity of his bathroom scale.

We talk Lose It.
And Eat This Not That.

Many thanks to Steve Loopipe of the Wicked Good Podcast for the app tips this week!


Download GC2_045.mp3

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Adam Bennington said...

Hey Doug & Zach!

Heard you talking about aps for the Ipod Touch that track calories. I haven't upgraded to a Touch yet, but I did find this: It's similar to the aps you were discussing. Its just tied to a desktop.

The data that populates their system is a little wonky and seems to changes frequently. I feel like I'm using a beta version. Still it's not a bad tool to help you measure intake.

This is a subscription based service. The first month is free. After that its $5 dollars a month subscription. Not bad for getting you started on tracking calories (but I'm not sure I'm going to keep it for more than a couple months).