Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Step AWAY from the blueberries

My colleagues and I had our traditional "end of the week lunch" today because several of them aren't going to be around on Friday. So we decide to go to Bob Evans and I do some online research before we go. The Wildfire grilled chicken salad is a reasonable 440 calories, even with the added dressing(225). I figure some water to wash it all down and I'll be ok.

So after the fact, I start to tally lunch for later Lose It input and realize I need to know about the side order of blueberry bread that came with the salad. FOUR HUNDRED AND SEVENTY EIGHT calories. Yikes. Lesson learned... if you're not sure if you can "afford it", don't eat it. I'm thinking smaller portions for whatever is on the supper menu tonight.

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